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AMD Ready to Swallow ATI for $5.4 Billion

In a rather desperate attempt to lift itself out of a spiraling drop into the black (or perhaps red) abyss of financial decline, AMD plans to purchase major video-card producer ATI for $5.4 billion US Dollars. Rumours first surfaced back in May by a ... few wise analysts, and it appears that yesterday, the plans have finally set in motion. The attempt has been rumored as a last-ditch effort for AMD to save itself from losing all face in a bitter processing chip war against Intel. (Source: ) For those not familiar with the product AMD is seeking to purchase, ATI is perhaps the gaming ... (view more)

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AMD Price Drop: Battle Heating Up in Processing Chip Arena

Amidst rumors that Microsoft may cut the price of its Xbox 360 in anticipation of the release of the Sony Playstation 3, similar tactics are being employed in the world of PC processing chips. As a tactic to distract consumers from the long-awaited ... release of Intel's Core 2 chip, AMD is drastically slashing prices of its own products, by as much as 46%. (Source: ) Interest in Intel's next-gen chips has been growing in anticipation of the Core 2 release in the next few months, leading AMD to "pipe up" in order that PC users remember their immensely popular Athlon line of ... (view more)


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