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Get Directions from your iPod

Got a new video iPod? Then is for you! With, you can export directions from Yahoo! Local, and then import the instructions directly to your iPod. Never be lost again! From the web site: The website ... is very simple to use. Just like using Yahoo Maps, you would enter your starting and destination address in the corresponding online form. Once you have entered your start and destination information, simply click on "Verify Directions" to make sure that you'll be given correct and accurate driving directions. Your very last step is to click ... (view more)

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The 'iPod' Laptop?

Every once in a while, things pop up in the news -- you know, techie things -- that makes the old crystal ball start glowing. Recently, I came across an article in which Samsung announced the development of 16 GB (GigaByte) Flash Chips. Flash chips ... are persistent memory devices that can take the place of hard drive components. The only limitation, up to now, is that the capacity has been 2 GB or less per chip. The Apple Nano iPod uses 16 of the 2 GB chips to store the songs and such instead of a mini hard drive like the older and bulkier iPods of the past. You can read the article here . So, ... (view more)

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Future Photos Trends: Simply Click

Back in 1888, George Eastman started selling the new $24 “Kodak”, saying “press the button, we do the rest.” All a snap shooter had to do was shoot, then mail the “box camera” back to Rochester NY, where Kodak processed the film and sent back small black & ... white prints along with the reloaded camera. By the way: for the young photographers, cameras back then were all mechanical, without light meters, and were pre-set for taking pictures on bright sunny days. ;-) Fast forward 117 years to the digital age. We are still hearing “Press the button, we ...view more)

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My lens is sharper than your lens, and I can prove it!

Photographers have always argued which camera lens is the sharpest. Speaking from experience (and I have 30 years of it!), Nikon's 105mm f/2.5 Nikkor lens ("Nikkor") is by far my sharpest lens; in fact, I use it all the time when taking portraits ... and still-life shots. The Nikkor utilizes a simple design that traces back to the famed pre-WWII German Zeizz lens. Surprisingly, the 105mm is still on the market. But, with the digital camera, the "Nikkor" just isn't practical (I.E.: you don't want to get any dust on the CCD sensor when you change lenses). That's why zoom lenses only belong on ... (view more)

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Sharpening puts Icing on the Cake

A good picture needs to be in focus, but with the digital image we have to be careful not to OVER sharpen. With the old film camera, I want to count the hairs on the head in a portrait and this meant using a good sharp lens, and fine grain film. ... Things have changed with digital photography, the camera wants to blur the image, make it "out of focus" to hide "noise." Every manufacture has their own ideas on fuzzy photos, Canon likes a "softer" image to eliminate those spots in the picture, but Nikon doesn't mind the noice and keeps it sharper. However, most assume the first think to do when ... (view more)

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Say cheese, and take a big byte!

Smile! Say Cheese! [ My Mug Shot ] The camera captures the moment, but if it is a digital image it can just as quickly be lost, deleted, compressed and corrupted. Many snap shooters are longing for a return to film, when you could see and touch a ... negative. My name is Jim Domke, and I've been taking photos for over 30 years. I have no longing to return to film and have discoverd that digital is a lot more fun! I started out shooting black and white for the school yearbook. It was fun, because I could be creative both in the taking and the printing. I've gone on to be a staff photographer at ... (view more)


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