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Sharpening puts Icing on the Cake

A good picture needs to be in focus, but with the digital image we have to be careful not to OVER sharpen. With the old film camera, I want to count the hairs on the head in a portrait and this meant using a good sharp lens, and fine grain film. ... Things have changed with digital photography, the camera wants to blur the image, make it "out of focus" to hide "noise." Every manufacture has their own ideas on fuzzy photos, Canon likes a "softer" image to eliminate those spots in the picture, but Nikon doesn't mind the noice and keeps it sharper. However, most assume the first think to do when ... (view more)

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Say cheese, and take a big byte!

Smile! Say Cheese! [ My Mug Shot ] The camera captures the moment, but if it is a digital image it can just as quickly be lost, deleted, compressed and corrupted. Many snap shooters are longing for a return to film, when you could see and touch a ... negative. My name is Jim Domke, and I've been taking photos for over 30 years. I have no longing to return to film and have discoverd that digital is a lot more fun! I started out shooting black and white for the school yearbook. It was fun, because I could be creative both in the taking and the printing. I've gone on to be a staff photographer at ... (view more)


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