Windows 10 Cut and Paste to Get Overhaul

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Users who regularly cut and paste in Windows may appreciate a forthcoming improvement. Windows 10 is getting an enhanced clipboard that makes it easier to find items other than text.

The clipboard feature isn't widely publicized, but is already useful before the update. While pressing CTRL + V pastes text, pressing the Windows key + V opens the clipboard.

This lets users quickly access the last 25 things they pasted, something that's particularly useful when working on multiple documents or heavily editing. However, the clipboard only stores items once the user switches on permission for it to do so, which is an understandable security measure.

After the update, users will be able to clear the clipboard history at any time or switch it off completely through the settings menu. (Source:

Another change is that the clipboard won't simply store plain text. It will now remember images as well as HTML content from web pages.

Sync Across Machines

Users will continue to be able to use the system settings to switch on clipboard sync. That makes it possible to access the history and paste content on another machine linked to the same Microsoft account.

Perhaps less usefully for many, the enhanced clipboard will be part of a new input panel that also lets users access recently used emojis and GIFs as well as searching for new ones. This suggests that Microsoft is still attempting to blur the line between desktop PCs and smartphones.

Changes in Early Testing

The changes are already available in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program, which is the first point where new code becomes available to members of the public who've signed up to test features. (Source:

That means it could be some time before the changes roll out to ordinary users. It's most likely they'll appear in one of the two big bi-annual feature updates, either this fall or next spring.

What's Your Opinion?

Did you know about the clipboard already? Do you find it useful? Are any of the changes going to help you?

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This may be useful for some, but I have use Ditto Clipboard manager, freeware, for years and it has had these features all along. Additionally, it will hold 500 items including images and text or anything I clip for that matter. It does everything the current cut and pastes does and more for free. What's not to like?

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A program I have been useing for years called clipmate by thornecroft does same and muvh more.

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How do Microsoft's changes compare to the features on ClipMagic? I have been using ClipMagic for over four years and I am VERY happy with the functions, not the least of which are the fact that the copied information on the expanded Clipboard stays on my local drive and that there is virtually no limit to how much text or how many images can be stored.