Drempels Review (Psychedelic Screensaver)

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Bring back 'far out' memories of the 1960's with "Drempels" -- a psychedelic celebration of color and motion for your desktop!

From the Drempels website: " Drempels makes colorful, swirling, hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado. It normally runs in your Windows background or 'desktop', replacing your old still-image wallpaper with gently-animating visuals... and meanwhile, you can use your computer just like you normally would. It uses very little CPU overhead -- so little that it even runs smoothly on a 233 MHz system! Drempels can also be used as a screensaver; in this mode, it goes full screen (like a normal screensaver) instead of rendering to the desktop/background. Drempels works on Windows 9x, ME, NT, and 2000. It requires DirectX 5.0 or later and an MMX-capable processor. "

To run Drempels as your desktop wallpaper, simply launch the program from the start menu or use a shortcut placed on your desktop. If you enjoy the "desktop mode", you can launch Drempels via the Windows startup (it will become your default screensaver unless you choose to change it). Download Drempels

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