'Suri Pluma', and 'Free Lunch'

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Suri Pluma

Suri Pluma is free satellite image processing software. From the web site: "Suri is a product developed in Argentina that provides to the user a fast, powerful and easy to use image processing and remote sensing application. Designed with state of the art techniques and tools, it offers means to extract information in easy and intuitive ways, offering to the user quantitative and qualitative information immediately, taking full profit of the different satellite sources. It provides simplified access to the different data formats and exports to the most common and spread formats. It takes full advantage of the hardware resources, with very low minimal requirements. The goal is to provide the user with a high quality software, bringing a simple tool for image processing and remote sensing."


Free Lunch

Free Lunch is an idiosyncratic list of interesting free games from Wired.com.


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