Accentuate Headlines in MS Word!

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Need a way to grab attention to a headline?

Try accentuating your words using a Table Border in MS word!

To do so:

  1. Click View | Toolbars, and ensure that 'Tables and Borders' has a checkmark.
  2. Using the Tables and Borders toolbar, click the 'Insert Table' icon and create a 1 x 1 (single-cell) table.
  3. When the table is displayed, right-click over top of the cell and choose the option 'Borders And Shading'.
  4. Under the Preview heading, deselect the left, right, and top sides of the cell's border.
  5. Under the Style heading, navigate to the Width pull-down menu and choose a heavy line style (such as 4 or 6 pt).
  6. Under the Preview heading, click bottom side of the cell border twice so that you see the changes take effect. Click OK when finished.

Whatever you type in this cell will be sure to grab a reader's attention! Note that you can resize the table by placing your mouse over top of any corner of the table.

Visit Carol's web site to learn more tips like this one!

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