'Netrunner', and 'Gvwm'

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Netrunner is a remote-control program with which you can control another pc over internet or lan. The connection to the target-pc is password-protected, so no one but you is authorized to do it. Netrunner shows the screen of the other pc and can control its mouse and keyboard. Additionally there is a file-explorer integrated to download or upload files, you can send messages.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A number of users have reported that Netrunner carries a virus called "backdoor.trojan". The author of Netrunner states that this is not the case. Quote:

" A few Antivirus programs think that Netrunner is a Trojan. I already [asked] that they remove [Netrunner] from their [antivirus] Database, but [the antivirus companies won't respond to my plea]. [As you know], a Trojan is a Tool which allows to control a PC over Lan/Internet; [similarly], a Remote-Control program [such as Netrunner] does the same. [The problem is that if a software author makes a remote-control program and the antivirus software company does not recognize the small-time author (like myself), this often results in a false positive]. But Netrunner has nothing to do with a Trojan ... plus it cannot be used without the [knowledge of] the user. And the connection to the remote pc is protected by a password, so nobody can misuse Netrunner. " ~ Matthias Koch / Author of Netrunner "

Use at your discretion.



Provides grid of virtual desktops for Windows, allowing the user's workspace to be larger than the screen area. The practical upshot is that you can have several "desktops", allowing you to sort your windows and have a less cluttered workspace.


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