Windows 10 October Update Woes Continue

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Microsoft has confirmed two more bugs with the seemingly-cursed Windows 10 Update. Neither are the end of the world, but it continues to raise questions about the testing process.

The first problem is with setting programs to be the default option when opening particular file types. While not the most exciting feature, it's one of those little things that make life much easier: without it, users have to either manually select the program they want to open every time they click on a file, or open the program itself and then open the file from there.

All Microsoft will confirm at this point is that some applications can't be set as the default with some specific application / file type combination. It has confirmed Microsoft Notepad is affected, which implies there's a fairly fundamental glitch at stake given Notepad is a relatively simple app and developed by Microsoft itself.

While a fix is in the way, Microsoft notes that in some cases a second attempt to set the default will prove successful.

Windows Media Player Affected

Meanwhile another basic Microsoft tool, Windows Media Player, is also glitched by the update. The problem here is that the seek bar, which lets users skip to a specific place in a video, isn't always appearing.

While Microsoft hasn't specified this, some users have reported that the problem seems to be with specific file types. Indeed, Microsoft's lack of clarity with bug reports is also attracting criticism.

With the Windows Media Player, there's no workaround listed and Microsoft is simply saying it "will provide an update in an upcoming release." (Source:

Microsoft's Own Applications Glitched

To be fair, neither of these bugs are likely to ruin people's everyday use of Windows. The file association is an annoyance at worst, while users have plenty of third-party alternatives to Windows Media Player.

The problem is that both issues affect relatively basic Microsoft applications and features. That means its not a case of Microsoft failing to coordinate its updates with third-party developers or test Windows 10 changes on a comprehensive list of applications. Instead, something seems to be amiss with the testing process itself. As a result, Microsoft is failing to spot in-development updates glitching its own basic applications. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Are such bugs significant? Is detailed criticism of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update fair? Do you trust Microsoft to get things right with the next major update in the spring?

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You would think after many years and now so long on Windows 10, although they are only minor the testing processes would be more thorough instead of just trying to rush the updates out.