Photobucket Give-away: Winner

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I'm happy to announce that we have a winner in Clif Note's Photobucket Give-away contest!

To recap: Photobucket is a free photo and image hosting service for web site owners and bloggers. Photobucket was recently named the Fastest Growing Site of 2005 by Nielsen/NetRatings and is now the leading image hosting, sharing, and publishing site in the world. They have over 11 Million registered users and are now growing by over 1.2 Million users per month. That's pretty impressive!

Here's what the winner, Paul G. had to say:

" Dear Clif,

Thanks for allowing this opportunity to write in about the Photobucket contest. I am in charge of a group of physically handicap adults in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Our group is dedicated to allow disabled adults to live an active social life in the many activities that we hold. To promote our group and activities, we have a web page with pictures ... unfortunately, we are obligated by our web server to delete most of our photos in order to save on bandwidth. It would be great opportunity to consolidate all our photos one one site, using the service provided by Photobucket. The pictures of the various wheelchair activities and sports we have is our biggest selling point. Please be sure to visit our site [link below]. "

Congratulations, Paul! I hope the upgrade to your free account will be helpful to you and your attempts to make life better for your members.

I hope the rest of the contestants can take solace in the fact that they can still probably do nearly everything they want with their current free accounts. Simply drop by Photobucket now and get yourself a free account if you don't already have one.

Thanks to everyone that applied for the contest!

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