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Distant Suns 6 (Special Edition-Free Version) is a great astronomy program that lets you see the stars and the constellations just as if it was a clear, dark night at your desk.

Distant Suns SE allows you to view the night sky as it currently appears outside your house or any time in the past or future. You can choose which direction to look and whether you wish to see the outlines of the constellations displayed.

Other features allow you to zoom in on some of the planets for a closer look or hover above the earth for a look at our home. It's very cool!

Click here for a screenshot.

You can even get a free Distant Suns screensaver available at Download.com!

Quote from the Distant Suns website:

" Distant Suns is one of the premier desktop astronomy packages of all time. For both casual skywatchers to seasoned amateur astronomers, Distant Suns will take you from your home to the outer reaches of the Universe and back. Distant Suns is compatible with Windows 95,98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP. "

Download DistantSuns

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