Win10 Update Breaks Start Menu, Causes Orange Screen

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It's becoming something of a pattern that Microsoft issues a Windows 10 Update that causes a problem, then issues a follow-up that fixes it, but then introduces new problems. And it's happened again.

Just last week Microsoft issued an update (KB4512941) that fixed problems in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903), but introduced new bugs with some users finding the Windows search tool didn't work at all, or their processors were under constant strain.

Microsoft has since release a new bug fix (KB4515384) for the previous bug fix, but users are reporting new problems. At the time of writing, Microsoft has not acknowledged the problems.

One reported problem is with the Start menu, with users saying that typing in the box at the bottom of the menu - which should get quickly to a menu item - is instead producing strange results. Some are getting no response, some can't open the menu at all, and some are seeing a message reading "Critical Error, Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in." (Source:

Windows 10 Users See Orange and Red

The other problem is plain bizarre: users have shared screenshots in which only the white mouse cursor and black text or other elements remain the correct color. Everything else displays either in orange or red, with the most extreme cases making the display effectively unusable.

In both cases it seems likely to be a compatibility issue, with Lenovo PCs most vulnerable to the color problems. (Source:

So far it seems the only effective solution is to uninstall the new update and roll back to a previous one. While it's a workaround, it's far from ideal, and any users unfortunate enough to suffer problems from two consecutive updates may have to decide which problem is most annoying.

80 Security Fixes In One Update

One positive note for Windows Updates is that keeping security and feature patches separate is paying off. The latest security update fixes a whopping 80 security holes, so it's definitely a smart idea to have it in place even when holding off the feature updates.

Of the 80, 17 are listed as critical, a rating based on the potential damage if the bug is exploited. Of these, nine are vulnerable to a "drive by download" browser attack, meaning that simply visiting a compromised website would be enough to make a computer vulnerable.

Two of the flaws are zero day bugs, meaning hackers were taking advantage before Microsoft released a fix. It's a great reminder that even for users who don't have feature updates set to install automatically, doing so for security updates is usually a smart idea.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you experienced any of these problems? Do you suspect something is fundamentally wrong with Microsoft's update testing program? Or is it simply impossible to avoid compatibility issues given how many hardware and software combinations exist among Windows 10 users?

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Can U Set a Win 10 PC 2 only DL Security updates but not Others? I've found it very difficult/confusing to try to stop any updates. MS just doesn't make it easy at all.

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Another fix I saw on MS is that they had to change the "Night Light" settings. They didn't mention specific information about what they did.

With the "improvements" to Windows Update, Win 10 Home users have essentially no control over updates. Win 10 business admins do have that sort of control. They can block feature updates for up to a year.

Here are a couple of MS articles about Windows update
Configure Windows Update for Business

Deploy updates using Windows Update for Business

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No one is safe from the (d)evolving OS. I get plenty of emails from developers not to upgrade to Catalina. If anyone thinks jumping to Mac is the solution it's not.
It is sad the lack of quality control and poor development happening these days.

System Restore and True Image are my best friends.

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Is there any proof of that at all?
I think we should all go back to 7 and refuse to upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so glad I learned Linux when I did it up dates just fine no problems.
I still have a windows machine but rarely boot to it.I think if more people move to Linux M$ will have problems or maybe get it right.

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I am astride Win 7 and win 10 at my office....So far things have been working fine for what we do. Over the past 25 years I built small LAN that we use for filesharing, book keeping, word processing spreadsheets, etc. You should see my wiring closet !; or maybe not....

I have very little desire to get overly familiar with WIN-10 at this point in time as I'm alot closer to 70 than 65 and getting closer to retirement.

I have played with linux in the past and if I could reliably port my Amateur Radio software to linux I would leave Microsoft very soon.

Regards from "flyover" country,

James Douglass AC0E

Garden City