Latest Win10 Update May Break Internet Connectivity

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Users have highlighted two more problems with the latest Windows 10 Update, released September 10, 2019. It's messed up sound for some users, while others can no longer get online.

For those keeping track, the problems are with the Windows 10 update KB4515384, which has already given some users a broken Windows search tool and others a mysterious red or orange hue to their screen. Ironically, that update was designed partly to fix problems with a previous update (KB4512941) which broke the Windows Search for some users, and also caused constant high processor demand for others.

One of the newly-reported problems has already been acknowledged by Microsoft. It says its had reports that "audio in certain games is quieter or different than expected after installing this update."

Multi-Channel Audio Problematic

The problem is with how Windows decides whether to play multi-channel audio such as surround sound. Microsoft says that for the moment, affected users should disable multi-channel audio in affected games as well as in any entries for third-party audio devices in Control Panel. Microsoft says it's working on a fix that's expected later this month. (Source:

Microsoft hasn't yet publicly commented on reports on several feedback forums by users who have found their Ethernet and WiFi adapters no longer working, meaning they don't have any way to connect to the Internet, or their local network for that matter.

Exactly what's gone wrong remains unclear, though it appears Windows has unintentionally "hidden" the relevant devices in its Device Manager tool.

Recovery Point is One 'Solution'

In such cases, uninstalling and reinstalling the relevant drivers before rebooting the computer is usually the best first step. However, several people making the reports say that hasn't solved the problem. (Source:

Instead they only things that have worked for them are uninstalling the latest Windows Update or using the Recovery Point feature to restore the computer to a point before the update, which would then achieve the same outcome.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you experienced either of these new problems? Are you deterred from installing feature updates? Does Microsoft risk getting into a cycle of rushing out fixes to one problem that inadvertently cause another?

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I've had this update since 09/12/2019 on a 3 yr old HP laptop with win10 home and have experienced none of the problems cited. I recently had a problem(unknown time frame) with the background photo, landscape,on start-up being out of focus and beginning of youtube videos approximately one minute, being out of focus, but then becomes clear. Otherwise, no complaints.

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If you have version 1903, this "blurry" thing is a new feature from Microsoft. There is a fix for it.

Hope this helps.

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is that using H1b programmers in not a good idea!

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I didn't install 9/19 until December, after installing had many random hangup and blue screens. Tried many fixes, some seem to help for awhile, but not completely. Kept installing windows updates, hoping for a fix. The latest windows update seems to fix my problems. Everything seems to be working fine now.