Tech World Abuzz Over 'Windows 11' Rumor

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The rumor-mill is filled with claims Windows 11 is imminent. It doesn't seem to be based on much concrete and would certainly be a major change of attitude from Microsoft.

Most of the speculation seems to trace back to a Microsoft post on Twitter which includes an animation of a window in the shape of the Windows logo, casting a shadow into the room. (Source:

The excitement comes from the fact that although the window has the horizontal line in the middle (making a cross), the shadow intentionally does not. That means the shadow somewhat resembles an 11 (or 111 depending on your perspective.)

"Next Generation" Of Windows

To add to this theme, the post is promoting a Microsoft event on June 24 that takes place at 11am Eastern Time. That may well be a coincidence, but is unusually early for a Microsoft launch.

The speculation led to closer analysis of recent posts by Microsoft executives including one referring to not being "this excited for a new version of Windows since Windows 95!" and another using the term "next generation of Windows." (Source:

The truth behind the story likely falls into one of three categories of possibility. One is that either Microsoft is simply having a little fun or that people are reading too much into a genuine coincidence.

Sun Valley Name Under Threat

Another is that Microsoft has decided it wants to keep Windows feeling fresh and will simply use the numbering for the major updates to Windows, rather than producing completely new version of Windows every few years as used to be the case. "Windows 11" would certainly make the next update seem more important than its scheduled codename of "Sun Valley" and reference number 21H2.

The third possibility is a total about-face in Microsoft's Windows strategy with Windows 11 being a completely new edition that would require an upgrade or outright purchase. That seems unlikely given there have been no serious rumors so far of Microsoft going back to that model. Given many recent "major" updates have been somewhat underwhelming, it's hard to see how Microsoft could have enough in the works to justify a completely new edition without some details already having leaked.

What's Your Opinion?

Do you expect to see a Windows 11 any time soon? Will you care if it's simply a change to the update naming? What would it take for you to move to a completely new version of Windows if that's what Windows 11 entails?

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I remember not too long ago that Windows 10 was "the last version of Windows". What happened with that?

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My guess is that Windows will become a subscription model. How else can they make money? Certainly not from free lifetime updates.

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I doubt MS would ever go to a sub model OS, not for the home user anyway. It's not like they are going broke. It would be a wet dream for the Linux/Apple crowd.

Everyday I read (fill in the blank) software is going sub.

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That have been sold and bought by new owners.
It is not the same company anymore....
Not really an American company anymore either
which raises serious security questions.

Like a lot of large companies they do not innovate anymore
and have no history
they just try to copy the latest fad.

New M$11 now with Crypto software
nobody can figure it out or make it work,
now with 3 times more Green New Deal than Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now with randoupgrade feature,
commands actually change how they work
while you are using them
good luck ever understanding this software....
because our programmers got into the sugar again!!!!!!!!!!