'Windows 12 On The Way' Story Proves Shaky

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Reports that Microsoft is already working on Windows 12 appear to be little more than a joke that got out of hand. The reports trace back to a Twitter post by a security blogger.

Check out Google News or other aggregation sites and you'll find a wide range of tech websites of varying credibility running headlines about Windows 12 being in development now, soon or "next month."

Many of them reference a post from German site Deskmodder, which gives the March date and says Microsoft is recruiting staff. It gives some extra detail, though it doesn't make a lot of sense through automated translation. (Source: deskmodder.de)

The Deskmodder site points to a post from Swift On Security on Twitter. That's an account, with an associated blog, which anonymously posts commentary and tips on cyber security. It uses a very lighthearted tone, though some of the points it makes are genuinely clear and useful.

TPM Trolling

One thing it isn't is a reliable source of insider news, which is why it's somewhat surprising so many sites have treated it as such after a post reading:

"According to a source at Microsoft, Windows 12 is already under development and it's going to require two TPMs."

That's a reference to Trusted Protection Module, the hardware security feature that Microsoft controversially made mandatory for users wanting to upgrade to a fully supported edition of Windows 11.

Even for people who weren't familiar with the tone of the account, it should have been clear this was a spoof given there's no obvious reason why a computer would have two TPMs or how such a set-up would work.

The account has now posted to clarify "I have deleted this tweet, which was supposed to be a joke. I apologize for the confusion." (Source: twitter.com)


Statement Of The Obvious

With no real detail, much of the mainstream reporting of this supposed story has largely been speculation, but the big problem is that even if it was completely accurate, it isn't telling us anything new.

Microsoft previously insinuated that Windows 10 would be the last new edition and that it would simply continue to evolve through updates. That turned out not to be the case, with Windows 11 promoted as a new operating system.

Now that's happened, it's inherently likely that there'll be another "new" edition of Windows at some point and Windows 12 is an obvious name.

What's Your Opinion?

Should Microsoft be thinking about Windows 12 at this stage? Should it put more resources into existing systems? If and when a new edition comes, would you prefer a complete overhaul or simply a cosmetic makeover?

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