Adobe Reader Speedup Tool Review

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PDFs, or "Portable Document Format" files are usually made with software from Adobe Systems, Inc, and are one of the most common types of documents shared on the web. In fact, most PCs today come bundled with Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read PDF files.

The problem with Acrobat Reader is that it has grown to be monolithic in size and is slow to launch. If you don't like Adobe Reader, you may like Foxit PDF Reader (a program I reviewed a short while ago).

However, if you must insist on Adobe Reader, then be sure to check out the Adobe Reader Speedup Tool (ARST). ARST was brought to my attention by a fellow named "Eddie", a long time reader of my newsletter and the Infopackets Gazette.

I used the Speedup Tool a few months back when I got really ticked off with Adobe Acrobat (now referred to as "Adobe Reader").

From the site:

" Adobe Reader Speedup is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of Adobe's Acrobat Reader software bearable for everyday use. AR Speedup only needs to be used once (a process taking only a few seconds) and then your Reader will be transformed forever. There are also some tweaking options available. "

Download Adobe Reader Speedup

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