WinOptimizer Platinum Suite 3 Review

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One of my all-time favorite multi-purpose optimization utility programs just got a major update. Of course, I'm talking about the release of WinOptimizer Platinum version 3: and there's plenty to talk about.

To recap: What is WinOptimizer Platinum?

For years, millions of users have depended on Ashampoo's award-winning WinOptimizer series to keep their PCs clean and running smoothly and efficiently.

As one user put it, "[WinOptimizer Platinum 3] gives you all the maintenance tools that should have been included with Windows in the first place. And it's all so easy to use, you don't need a degree in rocket science to be able to understand it."

The new release of WinOptimizer 3 was built upon the feedback received from previous WinOptimzer users. The new features are not just standard "bells and whistles" -- they are all genuinely useful functions that many users have asked for.

WinOptimizer 3: Standard Modules Overview

  • 1-Click Optimization: execute most optimization and cleaning modules in a successive run; alternatively, each module can be run manually.
  • Registry Cleaner: optimize Windows by removing outdated and redundant registry values.
  • Drive Cleaner: free up space by removing garbage and temporary files on all drive letters.
  • Internet and MRU Cleaner: maintain privacy by deleting all Internet and MRU (Most Recently Used File) traces, including: any cookies, Internet History, recently opened pictures, documents, etc.
  • Startup Tuner: dramatically improve system startup speed by editing and removing items in the Startup Folder and the system registry, and even the Win.INI file.
  • File Associator: quickly and easily manage file associations.
  • File Wiper: maintain integrity by deleting files permanently (thereby making them unrecoverable).
  • DLL Cleaner: free up additional hard drive space by removing redundant .DLL files.
  • Internet Tuner: optimize your Internet connection.

For a full description of each standard module, you may (optionally) refer to the original WinOptimizer Platinum Review.

WinOptimizer 3: New Modules Overview

In addition to the modules listed above, WinOptimizer Release version 3 also includes:

  • Hard Drive Defragmenter: dramatically improve file access by defragmenting all the files on your hard drive.
  • System Tweaker: add personalization to Windows and improve system performance.
  • Service Disabler: Turn off unnecessary Windows services that are wasting your memory and processor power and creating security risks (available in the Startup Tuner module).
  • System Information: get information on every aspect of your system hardware and software.
  • Available Space: display disk space usage for all disks.

WinOptimizer Platinum 3: Compatibility

WinOptimizer Platinum 3 works with Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP

WinOptimizer Platinum 3: Screenshots

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WinOptimizer Platinum 3: Download

Purchased as separate software utilities, the modules which make up Platinum Suite would undoubtedly exceed the $100 dollar mark.

Normally, WinOptimizer Platinum Suite 3 retails for $49.99 -- however, as a special incentive and as part of our fund raiser, I have managed to finagle an impressive 35% off the retail price.

If you purchase WinOptimizer Platinum Suite 3 through our site today, you can grab it for only $32.50! This promotion was created specifically for our Readers and is not available through any other web site.

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