Support for Windows 98 and ME Ending: July 11th, 2006

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If you are confused about articles foretelling The End of Support for Windows 98 and Millenium Edition, join the experts.

It is especially confusing, and I delight in envisioning the meetings between the lawyers, accountants and programmers who've tried to sort it out and clarify it. To make matters worse, the official page explaining The End has been rewritten a number of times. In short, you can find several dates for different things which can be interpreted in many different ways:

At any rate, the bottom line is: does this extension include support for Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition components like Internet Explorer?

Short answer: Yes.

Microsoft will extend the support end date for the current versions of components (such as Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 and Windows Media Player 9) on Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me.

For these products running on these three Operating Systems, Microsoft will provide "paid incident" support. Microsoft will also continue to review and address critical security updates on these products, through July 11, 2006. (Source:

You should be aware that life will get a bit more complicated for users of older flavors of Windows when Update Support ceases. So now is the time to get your OS polished up and working at its best. Programs like WinOptimizer Platinum Suite do a fine job of keeping any PC in shape, plus it's a great way to help support infopackets in a time of need.

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Alternatives to Windows Update: After End Of Life

There will always be sources to find the things you need in case your out-of-date operating system (OS) needs patching -- but not with the simplicity of Windows Update. For example, there is already a download for Windows 98 worth saving and burning to a CD. It's called Windows 98 System Update by Microsoft. If you're still running this dinosaur OS, you might want to go and grab that download now (link here).

You should also visit the manufacturers' site for all your hardware (motherboard, sound card, CD burner, monitor, printer) and get the latest drivers. Save those and burn them to a CD if you can. Put it in the same place as your OS disks and receipts together with the manuals. This is just good sense and will save you a lot of headaches if (and when) trouble strikes.

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