Remove SpywareQuake (Removal Instructions): Simplified

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SpywareQuake is the latest rogue anti-spyware program that dupes unsuspecting users into registering (paying) for a full version of the program in order to remove a supposed Spyware infection.

SpywareQuake operates in the same manner as SpyAxe and SpywareStrike by issuing fake warning messages similar to Windows Update Notification balloons. Click here for an example.

Like SpyAxe and SpywareStrike, SpywareQuake infects the host computer due to an exploit ("bug") in MS Windows. This exploit *must* be resolved by visiting Windows Update after SpywareQuake is removed; otherwise, you will risk becoming infected again.

All steps are explained using concise instructions below.

How to Remove SpywareQuake

It is recommended that you save these instructions to your desktop for later use.

  1. To begin: download and save RogueScanFix to your desktop; when complete, launch the program to begin installation. An optional download link can be found here.
  2. Choose your language from the drop down menu and press the Next button. Keep pressing Next until the Install button is visible.
  3. Just before RogueScanFix is done installing, a window will appear. Leave a checkmark next to 'Launch RogueScanFix' and press the Finish button.
  4. RogueScanFix will then launch; press the spacebar to start the removal process. Note that RogueScanFix will download additional files during cleanup. If your firewall is alerts you of this activity, allow the download to complete.
  5. During the cleaning process, desktop will disappear. This is normal. SpywareQuake will then begin to uninstallation.
  6. When RogueScanFix is complete, a window will appear that the script execution has finished. Afterwards, a Brute Force Uninstaller program will commence; you may need to reboot your computer after it finishes the scan.
  7. Next, download and save SmitRem.exe to your desktop.
  8. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode; when the desktop appears, double click SmitRem.exe to extract the files.
  9. Close all open Windows; open the SmitRemFix folder on your desktop.
  10. Double-click the RunThis.bat file to start the tool; follow the instructions. If SmitRemFix finds an infection, it will start an uninstaller. Click on the Uninstall button to finish the removal. When complete, SmitRemFix will close automatically.
  11. Your desktop may disappear for a split second as the SmitRemFix removes any leftover files installed by the infection. When finished, it will close automatically and you will be back at your desktop.
  12. At this point, SpywareQuake should be removed. To verify that your computer is free of infection, you may choose (optionally) to run PandaOnline scan.
  13. Now, reboot your computer back to normal mode and visit Windows Update and download all critical updates. After that, your computer should remain clear of the infection (once and for all).

That's it!

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