Happy 60th Birthday, Doug!

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Today I'd like to wish Douglas Godbey a Happy Birthday. Today, Doug turns the ripe age of 60!

Since this past November, Doug joined our Editing Team and has proven to be invaluable in helping to answer the many email questions sent in daily from our Readers.

Doug has been in the IT industry for the last 38 years and is a Certified Software Quality Assurance Engineer, UNIX System Administrator, and a self-proclaimed software-a-holic.

Doug is also a recent Stroke Survivor which left him partially paralyzed on his left side, hence the name of his Blog web site, "The Handicapped Computerist."

In spite of his Stroke, Doug emailed me a few days ago with some encouraging news: he's just applied for a full time position as System Administrator. He went on to say that he's made it past 'phases 1 and 2' and is currently awaiting 'the call' for an interview to administer Linux Redhat Enterprise and Solaris Servers.

Good luck, Doug, and Happy Birthday to you... and many more!

If you'd like to send Doug a birthday greeting and wish him luck on his interview, you can contact him here:


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