Microsoft Offers 'Vision' in the Battle for Next-Gen Gaming

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As hype over the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii (pronounced "We") continue to threaten Microsoft's current hold over "next-gen" systems, the latter is preparing for the Fall and Winter battle by incorporating proven hardware.

Featuring technology manufactured by GestureTek, the Xbox Live Vision Camera will allow Xbox 360 owners with an online connection to customize their gamer tags, engage in video conversations, and most importantly play interactive games that move beyond the joystick.

Much like Sony's popular EyeToy, the Xbox Live Vision Camera (set for release September 19, 2006) will allow gamers to see themselves on screen, with their physical movements incorporated into game controls. (Source:

Released in July of 2003, Sony's EyeToy has become one of the PS2's essential pieces of hardware. Both the EyeToy and Live Vision use a small USB camera that can be placed on top of a television while connected to the console. By moving arms, legs, and any other body parts in sight of the camera, players can place themselves in the middle of the action. Fitness enthusiasts lauded the invention as an effective way to get younger players off the couch while still enjoying the gaming experience. (Source:

Set for simultaneous release in the United States, Canada, and Europe on September 19th, the Xbox Live Vision Camera will further integrate the Xbox 360 with Microsoft's growing Windows Live peripheral library. With Windows Live cell phones, headsets, and PC-based webcams in the works, the Xbox Live Vision Camera might be the most interactive and popular part of the coming collection. The efforts to bring greater connectivity to users are all a part of Microsoft's $500 million plan for fiscal 2007. (Source:

Sony's next EyeToy release -- this time for the PS3 -- is set to launch September 12, one week before the Xbox Live Vision Camera. It would be expected that the Microsoft peripheral would be priced to match Sony's offering, which is currently set at a $39.99 U.S. price point. (Source:

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