Dell Offers Customers New Online Support Service

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Making a call for PC technical support is often not a enjoyable experience. In fact, many customers have voiced complaints about how their PC provider handles technical support, with Dell being at the top of the list. (Source:

Dell has realized that many of its customers are unsatisfied by its current technical support and is hoping to silence the criticisms with a new service that allows technicians to remotely troubleshoot a malfunctioning PC over a high-speed Internet connection. Dell announced that all U.S. customers currently under warranty will receive this service for free. (Source:

The service, called DellConnect, is like having a technical support representative right next to you. DellConnect creates a remote connection between the user's PC and the technical support representative. This is all done under the user's supervision, and allows the user to control what the support representative sees, where they are allowed to go, and what they are allowed to do. (Source:

Dell's thinking behind the new service is to reduce expensive house calls and solve simple problems without the customer having to look for alternative technical support. (Source:

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