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Infopackets Reader Harold D. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

On a new computer or when the operating system is first installed, there is a box that pops up in Internet Explorer that asks if I want to Remember my Login and Passwords on a web site.

There is also an option you can select that says something to the effect of, 'Don't ask to save anymore passwords," and if you select that option, that box will never appear again.'

My question is: how do I turn that feature back on? I have searched everything I can think of on the net and cannot find an answer to this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. "

My response:

What you are referring to is called "AutoComplete" in Internet Explorer.

To turn enable / disable AutoComplete:

  • Launch IE
  • Click Tools -& Options
  • Go to the Content Tab and click AutoComplete
  • Enable everything

Note, however, that if you ever have to format your computer or use your restore CD, you will lose your passwords. A *much* better program for handling forms is RoboForm because you can save your passwords to external media (and much, much more). It also works with Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and other web browsers. For more info, refer to this article:

Disable or Enable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer?, Part 2

I use RoboForm about 50 times a day (no kidding).

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