Waiting is the Hardest Part: Blu-Ray Delayed Again

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With many current generation DVD players available in grocery stores next to paper towels and plastic cups (for about the same price), movie fanatics and technological gurus are eagerly awaiting the newest way to blow through a pay check. Unfortunately for such consumers, Sony's much-anticipated Blu-Ray technology has been delayed -- again.

After initially postponing release of the first major wave of Blu-Ray players due August 15th, sources have revealed that Sony has again delayed their release: this time two months later.

The significance of the most recent delay means that Sony's first players will hit the market just weeks before the planned release of the Playstation 3, which also uses Blu-Ray technology.

Insiders question whether the narrow separation between the two dates will fully prove themselves to consumers before the release of Sony's newest console. (Source: gizmodo.com)

Why is Blu-Ray in such demand?

Blu-Ray technology is largely considered the leader in next generation entertainment hardware.

The name "Blu-Ray" simply comes from the blue-violet laser used to read and write to the disc. Because of the shorter wavelength of the laser used in this process, Blu-Ray discs can store significantly more data in the same space than the average DVD. Blu-Ray's main competitor will be HD-DVD, the format adopted by Microsoft for its Xbox 360 add-on.

HD-DVD also uses blue-violet lasers, but trades space for a lower cost of production (and thus, lower price to the consumer). (Source: wikipedia.com)

Cost is a significant concern for those awaiting Blu-Ray. The first player, the BDP-S1, is expected to retail for $999.95 USD: a significant increase from today's bargain basement players.

The PS3 will employ the same technology, along with its games, for significantly less at $499 USD (20 GB version) and $599 USD (60 GB version). Even at that price, however, Blu-Ray and Sony will be asking much more of the entertainment consumer than its rivals. (Source: cdfreaks.com)

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