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Infopackets Reader Lavandran R. write s:

" Dear Dennis,

I have a program called Bargain Buddy installed on my computer, and I don't know where it came from! I'm not sure, but I think it's Spyware. When I tried to uninstall it, it refuses to uninstall and gives me error messages saying that I should make sure that the disk isn't full (which it isn't). It also asked me to make sure that the disk is not write protected and to make sure that the program is not actively in use.

I'm confused! "

My Response:

Personally, I'd like to take Bargain Buddy and his cousin Bonzi Buddy and shoot them both with the Yamato Ray Gun! Anyway: According to safersite, Bargain Buddy is indeed Adware, which contains Spyware components:

" It brings targeted ads to your computer, after you provide initial consent for this task. It may track your browsing habits and report this info to a central ad server. "

Basically, it watches what you type into search engines and then whammies you with an advertisement, applicable to what you're searching for. How nice.

To remove the Bargain Buddy Adware / Spyware:

Run Scandisk on your hard drive to make sure there aren't any errors, which might be why you're getting those error messages and why Bargain Buddy isn't uninstalling. When that's complete, proceed to uninstall Bargain Buddy:

  1. Exit the Bargain Buddy from your Tray Bar, if it is present.
  2. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to remove the Bargain Buddy from your task manager (if it is present).
  3. Proceed to Start -> Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs, and remove Bargain Buddy.
  4. If the uninstall for Bargain Buddy isn't present in the Add / Remove Programs Window, the Uninstaller may be listed in your Program Files (accessible from the Start Menu).
  5. If you can't uninstall it, try using Adaware to remove it. You should also use Adaware to scan your system on a regular basis for other bottom-of-the-barrel scum-sucking ad software.
  6. Double-check that the Bargain Buddy has been removed from your system by downloading jv16 power tools and manually remove any Bargain Buddy-based components from your registry.

Manual removal for bargain buddy -- should none of what I suggested work for you (and why wouldn't it?) is available here, if you want to read up on the techie details.

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