Official PlayStation Magazine Editor Won't Buy PS3 This November

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In an admission that has sent shockwaves reverberating throughout the video game community, Official PlayStation Magazine Editor Dana Jongewaard has openly admitted that she will not be buying a Playstation 3 when it launches this November.

To add insult to injury, she posted in her blog that she will be purchasing an Xbox 360 instead.

Why the PS3 snub? Mainly for the same reason most gamers are expressing hesitation about Sony's latest version of the Playstation: the humungous $600 (U.S.) price tag. But the PS3's hefty cost is only one of the items on the editor's laundry list of reservations about the system.

  • Xbox and Wii: Jongewaard reasons that she can probably get both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii for the combined price of a PS3.
  • Very few exclusive titles will be available when the system launches: Heavy hitters like Grand Theft Auto 4 will also be available for the Xbox 360, and another top franchises -- such as Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 -- won't be available for the PS3 until well after launch.
  • Blu-Ray: Jongewaard doesn't care that the PS3 will double as a Blu-Ray DVD player, because she's not a technophile and doesn't buy movies. Most everyone else, of course, will remain cautious and wait for a winner to emerge between the new Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats before picking a side.

But won't Jongewaard get a free PS3 because she works for the official magazine? Nope! "Contrary to popular belief," she explains, "editors of the Official PlayStation Magazine don't get free hardware for their own personal use." (Source:

However, as one reader, nero, points out, Jongewaard's job still affords her perks not available to the general populace: "I imagine that working for OPM, Dana will have access to a PS3 and all [of its] titles at work," he says, "so I wouldn't shell out $600 either if I already had access to a PS3." (Source:

Don't dismiss Jongewaard as a militant Playstation hater though: "I would like to own a PS3," she admits, "and I hope that the price drops soon so I can consider it." (Source:

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