Ashampoo Photo Commander 4: More Than Just a Pretty Picture!

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Pictures, videos, music, and audio: computers have become a multimedia powerhouse -- and finding and organizing everything can be quite a daunting task.

You know the drill; look for the folders you want, switch between them, hunt for files, pray that you have all of the programs you need to open everything, and then bang your head in frustration because you're lost in an overwhelming clutter of windows. What a headache!

Wouldn't it be great if you could access all of your pictures, videos, music files, and audio recordings with a single program? Well, now you can!

Introducing Ashampoo Photo Commander 4

Ashampoo Photo Commander 4 puts all of your multimedia files at your fingertips in one very convenient, and visually appealing package.

Photo Commander 4 is much more than just a media viewer: you can edit your photos, burn all of your files to a CD or DVD, and a whole lot more! Best of all, everything's a breeze to use. editors and readers agree:

" Ashampoo Photo Commander distinguishes itself with an enormous set of features ... All in all, Ashampoo Photo Commander has a lot to offer shutterbugs and image hounds. " ~ 4/5 Star Editor's Rating and 4.5/5 User Rating (Source:

Ashampoo Photo Commander 4: Features Drilldown

There are so many excellent features in Ashampoo Photo Commander 4, it's almost impossible to list them all ... so let's focus on the main ones:


  • View and manage: Find it, view it, and organize it -- all in one ridiculously easy-to-use program!
  • Edit: Rotate, tilt, flip, resize, correct "red eye" in a blink, adjust colors, add effects, and more. If you can push a button, you can become a fantastic photo editor overnight.
  • Share: E-mail pics to your friends or create photo albums that can be published on the web. It's all a mouse-click away.
  • Take screen captures: Grab a screenshot from the web or from your desktop -- Ashampoo Photo Commander does it all. And if that wasn't enough, you can spice up your captures with professional shadow and border effects!
  • Convert files: The days of changing each picture manually are gone! With Photo Commander, you can convert multiple image files all at once (batch processing). Simply point, click, and relax!
  • Create animated images: Some expensive photo programs require you to pay for a separate add-on just to get this feature. Not Ashampoo Photo Commander 4! It's completely free here, and it works like a charm.

Videos, Music, and Audio

  • In addition to being great photo software, Ashampoo Photo Commander 4 also provides a superior video experience.
  • Video Thumbnails: Quickly browse through videos using thumbnail previews -- save time and take the mystery out of which video is which!
  • Play videos, music, and audio: Whether you want to listen to your favorite Beatles song, replay your favorite audio recording, or watch a clip, simply click and play. It's that simple.
  • Extract screenshots from videos: Take one picture or grab stills from the entire video to show your friends. This is one of my favorite features!

Additional Features

  • Create playlists and burn to a CD or DVD: Burn pictures, videos, audio, and music -- or mix and match all of them. With Ashampoo Photo Commander 4's ultra-simple menu system, you'll be a pro in no time.
  • Tons of file formats supported: Support for more than 50 graphics, video and audio formats, including .MP4 video files (Apple's QuickTime 7 required [free]).

Ashampoo Photo Commander 4: Screenshots

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I've played around with photo editing programs for years, and I'm in awe at how much Ashampoo Photo Commander offers. In the few weeks that I've been using Photo Commander 4, I've really come to rely on it as my one-stop access point for all of my pictures, video, audio, and music file needs.

Ease-of-use was obviously Ashampoo's number one priority, and they've succeeded magnificently with Photo Commander 4. Overall, this program is a top-notch utility.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 4: Download

As part of our ongoing fund raiser, Ashampoo has agreed to discount Photo Commander 4 by 35%. Regularly priced at $49.99, Photo Commander 4 can be yours for only $32.50 if you purchase this fine utility today -- and *only* through our web site using the link below.

But don't delay, because this offer won't last forever!

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