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Fanpop is a new site that's a network of "social portals," as they call them; the portals are created for fans, by fans, on a topic that people are fanatic about.

Topics on Fanpop aren't limited -- they can be anything you can dream up! Within each portal, you can meet other fans while you contribute to the community. In the Links section, you can share, rate, and categorize your favorite links; in the Forum section, you can discuss; news and blog postings from the the web for are pulled into the Headlines section. All this fanatical content combined, portal by portal, is Fanpop. When this gets off the ground and gets a decent user base, it's going to be pretty cool.

The only suggestion I have for them is this: when I'm digging around for a portal, whether through browsing the categories or via a search, I have to actually go into the portal in order to click the "join this spot" link, which is small and almost easily missed in the top-right of the page; I'd rather be able to click a "join" button next to the item in the search results or category list. That way I can quickly join the portal. This would be especially useful when you're a new user, and you want to add yourself as a fan of many different things.

Other than that minor point, everything looks good. As the community grows, this will be a really useful site. I'm adding myself as a fan of Fanpop!

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