Guinness Book of World Records Recognizes Gamer's Feat

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You can't get much more mainstream than the Guinness Book of World Records! And now the publication known for fat twins on motorcycles, really long fingernails and -- well, lots to do with obesity and bad hygiene -- has added a video gamer to its amazingly inane list of feats.

Guinness recently recognized gamer Cody Miller for his "speed run" through the immensely popular Xbox title Halo 2 on "Legendary," the game's hardest difficulty. (Source:

Many of you might know the Guinness Book of World Records, a text designed originally to settle bar bets in Britain that has spawned everything from annual publications to television shows. But for those not familiar with Halo 2, know that it is one of the most popular video games to be released in the last decade.

The game, made by Bungie, tells the story of a cyborg with human qualities defending earth from an onslaught of alien creatures known as the "Covenant". The Halo series has been heralded as the flagship franchise of Microsoft's console foray, and Halo 2 proved that by bringing in $125 million on its launch day in November of 2004. (Source:

The popularity of Halo 2 has now brought one gamer into the international limelight. According to Bungie's website, Cody Miller has been recognized by Guinness for his completion of Halo 2 on Legendary -- without dying -- in just under three and a half hours. Although the feat was accomplished a year ago, it has just now been included in the 2007 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, set for release this month.

For those who have played Halo 2, they know that Miller has done the impossible. Although Legendary is certainly not impossible to beat -- ahem, yours truly has done so -- it is something altogether different to do so in less than an afternoon. You can see Cody's run by checking out the following web site:

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