How Much is Sony Banking on the Playstation 3?

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Maybe everyone is just bored, tired, and a little restless. There haven't been any monumental releases lately, and Sony's highly anticipated Playstation 3 is still -- at best -- another eleven weeks away.

Personally, I'll be okay.

It's September, and north of the border, which means that the next version of the NHL series is about to make its slightly-updated re-appearance into the gaming world. With that said, it seems many writers covering the video game industry are just a bit frazzled with the current dry spell, with many coming out to question Sony's entire future and the importance of the PS3 in determining its survival.

Sony is a massive company, one that produces wares from televisions to digital music players. Of course, a significant part of its success comes from gaming, where it has led the industry with the first two versions of the Playstation.

Today, however, certain sources are questioning the future of the famous Japanese developer, many believing that the company could be "golden or foldin'" depending on the success of its upcoming console.

Sure, the PS3 has been long delayed and rarely shown. Sure, even I have doubted its highly-touted graphics and the accompanying lofty price tag. But, can the name Sony really be in trouble if the Playstation 3 bombs? Can a company whose wares may be found in the houses of people who have never touched a console really bank that much on the success of a video game machine?

It seems there is a chance this might be, in fact, possible. Sony wants to make the PS3 the center of the living room, much like the 360 from Microsoft. But, who is more stable? Microsoft or Sony?

According to our sources, certainly not Sony. Insiders are revealing that it has posted a profit just once in the last five years, a surprising report considering the far-reaching recognition of the Japanese company's name. (Source:

With all of that said, the future of any console depends on its games. Has this changed since the Playstation 2 effectively dominated Microsoft's original Xbox console in the last generation? Perhaps.

Although it denies the shift will hurt, developer Rockstar's decision to make the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series available at the same time on the 360 as it is on the PS3 takes what might be Sony's greatest weapon and makes it readily available to the competition. Personally, I bought a PS2 for one reason -- to play GTA -- and when I finished with that, felt there really was no purpose in keeping the console. Will gamers in the next generation, who can now buy Microsoft's console, feel similar? (Source:

For those desperately, even angrily, awaiting that answer, the next few months could be tough. Of course, if you were to listen to a growing number of critics (and cynics), the most desperate gamers could be those working for Sony.

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