Intel's Core 2 Duo Making Way to Notebooks

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Get ready for the next wave of laptop processing power. Intel has announced that it is shipping the Core 2 Duo chip -- the latest technology in processing speed -- to retailers, making it possible for ridiculously fast notebooks to make their way into electronics stores by the holiday season.

According to Intel, nearly 200 laptop models will incorporate the new Core 2 Duo into future design. Code-named "Merom," the chip will make an appearance in notebooks from a variety of reputable makers, including Samsung, Toshiba, Alienware, Hewlett-Packard, and of course Dell. Also expected to upgrade to the Core 2 Duo is Apple, which will add the chip to its MacBook Pro laptops by the end of 2006.

Prices of the chip don't appear too bad to the naked eye -- anywhere from $209 to $637 USD -- but when packaged in systems from a variety of notebook makers, the costs seem hot and hefty. (Source:

Core 2 Duo machines from Dell will range from a respectable $1,124 USD in its Inspiron notebook to a whopping $3,500 USD in the gamer's delight "XPS M2010". Toshiba's Qosimo is a big boy in weight and price, coming in at 10.1 pounds and $3,499 USD. AS for Alienware? Prices have yet to be announced, but unless you routinely lock yourself in a (palace) basement with "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion," you probably don't want to know the cost. (Source:

The Core 2 Duo is attracting much attention as it slowly makes its way onto the market. According to Intel, the chip is much more powerful than predecessors, yet it uses only a portion of the power while running at a generally lower temperature.

Is it worth two months' rent? You decide.

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