Microsoft Scandisk and Defrag replacements

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Not too long ago I asked Infopackets Readers for their picks on a good ScanDisk and Defrag replacement for Microsoft since I get lots of emails from folks asking why their Scandisk and Defrag constantly restart (and never get the job done).

Here's some comments sent in from readers of the Gazette newsletter.

Scott T. writes:

" Diskeeper is the ultimate freebie Defrag program, as far as I'm concerned. "

Lots of people recommended Diskeeper Lite, in fact. On the other hand, John C. uses the Microsoft Defrag utility from Windows ME:

" The defrag program that comes with Windows ME is compatible with Win 98 and doesn't hiccup. I downloaded it from a web site called The site also details the installation. I've been using it since September 2002 and it has not had to restart during my weekly defrag. "

Fred O. suggested using a program called EndItAll, which will stop tasks running in the background so that you can use Defrag and Scandisk without it resetting constantly:

" I use EndItAll, and it's a great little freeware utility that closes ALL non-essential programs running in the background. Then, I run Scandisk or Defrag. It's also very helpful, if you're having problems burning CDs, to free up system resources. It was developed by, and is available through, PC Magazine. ",4149,697,00.asp

Thanks again to the many users who wrote in.

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