Signs Show Vista is Ready

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It's been a long time coming.

With the release of Windows Vista finally nearing at the end of January, 2007, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to ensure that the worldwide launch goes as smoothly as possible. The company recently engaged in its typical, weekly international eco-political crusade, this time with the European Commission and Korea in order to affirm a timely release of the much-anticipated operating system.

Microsoft has dual plans for Vista's release. Although the dates have changed a few times, the recent launch days have been written in cement by the company. Microsoft is blazing towards a November release for corporate and business models of Vista, with the consumer and home versions coming before the snow melts in upstate New York. (

The success of Microsoft in settling matters with both the European Commission and Korea shows that plans are on track to make the release. It's one of the signs that things are finally falling in place for the Redmond-based company, which has struggled this year in dealing with the media on matters over everything from massive antitrust suits to the hoopla over the Windows Genuine Advantage.

In addition, if anyone actually doubted the impending success of Vista, Microsoft has hired two new sales and marketing partners to ensure the success of its soon to be released operating system. The company recently announced the rolling out of the International ISV Assistance Program and the Telesales Service, both with the likely task of making sure you and everyone you know is aware of Vista. (

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