Beware the MySpace Worm

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Although it's had its fair share of problems this year, we're still pretty hesitant to proclaim, "poor MySpace!"

Despite accusations that the online meeting place is a haven for predatory offenders, MySpace has held on as one of the web's most popular hotspots. Unfortunately, there's a growing stack of reasons to be wary of it. Recently it became clear that a worm has made its way onto MySpace, and it's baiting gullible users via QuickTime video.

The entire ploy is nothing more than phishing. No, we don't mean afternoons on the water with Dad, but instead, mischievous schemes that persuade users to provide passwords and login information.

You see, the worm in question creates fake links which a number of MySpace users have actually clicked on. From there, the users are delivered to a "phishing" page that kindly asks for logins and passwords. If they're suckered into entering details, the unlucky person is subject to an embedded QuickTime video and a nasty case of spyware. (Source:

It's all very frightening to many MySpace users (and their parents). However, the worm isn't anywhere near as shocking as recent reports that sex offenders have made the web site their home.

Although MySpace is now doing all it can to remove such scum, the social database, currently holding some 50 million accounts, is quickly racking up an unfavorable reputation on par with file-sharing protocols and tooth-rotting candy bars. (Source:

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