Geek Squad Member Busted Peeping on Customer

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Best Buy has for a long time offered "Thousands of Possibilities". Apparently, one of those includes the chance to be recorded in the shower by one of the company's Geek Squad employees. That's exactly what happened according to a lawsuit filed early this month, alleging that a technician set up his camera phone in the washroom of a customer.

According to reports, on March 4th, Hao Kuo Chi entered the home of roommates Natalie Fornaciari and Sarah Vasquez. While the two women expected Chi to simply perform his Geek functions, he set about his own plan to record Vasquez in the shower. While the home owners were unaware, Chi placed his camera phone behind the sink, in full view of the tub.

However, it seems as if Chi should avoid the voyeur business and stick to setting up computers. The 22-year-old Vasquez easily saw the phone when she exited the shower, which was clearly set to "record". (Source:

Rather than bust Chi there and then, Vasquez reportedly took the phone's card to a Verizon store while her mother kept the Geek Squad member busy. Not only did the contents reveal Vasquez in the shower, but also Chi setting up the phone. (Source:

The lawsuit against Best Buy cites Chi's committing of fraud, invasion of privacy, and even infliction of emotional stress.

It may be difficult for Vasquez' representatives or a court of law to find Best Buy at fault for such an odd crime. Chi has no history of this kind of behavior, giving the retailer no reason to raise a red flag on his conduct or hiring.

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