Microsoft Sued for Being Windows Vista Incapable

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For those who follow the tech industry, and in particular Microsoft, the sudden announcement of legal matters is hardly surprising.

It seems the Redmond-based company, and others like Sony and Apple, are perpetually engaged in litigation to defend anything from copyright issues to product quality. Now, the most recent case surrounds a woman who has launched a legal campaign against Microsoft's Vista advertising, and the "Windows Vista Capable" motto.

The suit comes from one Dianne L. Kelley, who finds that a number of PCs sold last year with Vista on board are anything but capable. Instead, these machines loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic, are incapable of any upgrades. That leaves those owning them without any way to use Vista's more attractive features. (Source:

The most visual difference between Home Basic and premium editions is the former's complete lack of Aero, Vista's beautiful graphics upgrade. It also can't handle Windows Home Media Center, certain backups, and a number of other features present in Vista Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate.

Kelley and her attorneys are also citing a recent PC Magazine article that calls Home Basic "the most pointless edition of Windows that Microsoft has ever released." (Source:

Microsoft's lawyers are readying themselves for Kelley, who is reportedly seeking class certification for her software as well as undisclosed compensation for her troubles.

Microsoft told the media that "We feel as a company we went beyond what we've ever done to try to educate people so that they understood and could make the right decision." (Source:

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