FCC Approves iPhone, Production as Scheduled

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Apple recently confirmed that the Federal Communications Commission has approved their much-anticipated iPhone, marking a giant step towards the revolutionary gadget being available for sale to the general public.

Approval from the FCC involves a mandatory certification process that all cellphones must endure before being shipped out to retail stores nationwide. (Source: usatoday.com)

The FCC certification test was the final uncertain roadblock that stood between the iPhone and the average consumer. Apple may now continue their mass production as planned.

Many executives at AT&T's Cingular division were quick to congratulate Apple on their successful certification, voicing their continued confidence in the product. Cingular has an exclusive contract with Apple to distribute the highly anticipated device.

The iPhone is a technological wonder, combining a cellphone with the popular iPod media player, all controlled by a sleek, touch-screen display. The product has created a considerable buzz in the technological industry, ever since Apple Executive Steve Jobs unveiled the concept design back in January. The mounting anticipation alone has caused Apple stocks to climb considerably in recent weeks. (Source: news.yahoo.com)

Analysts are estimating that the iPhone will experience the same levels of success as most Apple products. Many even believe that those who currently have an iPod will still purchase an iPhone for all of the other compact features.

Approval from the FCC comes just one day after a false rumor had circulated, claiming that the iPhone would be delayed for several weeks. The rumor alone caused Apple stocks to plummet 4% in a matter of minutes. The rumor was quickly acknowledged and denounced by Apple, with stocks leveling back to normal within hours. (Source: usatoday.com)

The source of the hoax has yet to be discovered, but many feel as though Apple will not invest a great deal of time in identifying the guilty party.

The iPhone is still expected to be released this June, without any current signs of delay.

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