Extract vocals from a CD track?

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Today I received a very interesting question that deals with extracting vocals from a song. Infopackets Reader Lori J. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I like reading your newsletter, even though I'm still kind of a computer 'newbie'. Is there a free or low cost software application that you know of that removes vocals from songs on CD -- such as for Karaoke? Thanks in advance for your help! "

My Response:

First, let me say that I know absolutely nothing about this subject.

Until I researched the topic on Google, I didn't think this was even possible ... at least, not without knowledge of sound wave editing, and at minimum, a great deal of effort to manipulate (filter) a sound file in order to rip the vocals. However, according to one web site I visited, some CD tracks have vocals recorded on a separate center channel, which makes it possible to extract voice (only) or music (only) from a CD.

I tried to find some programs on the 'net which would do this sort of thing, but the majority of the results only pointed to expensive hardware solutions.

Does any Infopackets Reader know of a software solution for Lori?

I would be ever-so curious to know of a web site which has a freeware "voice reduction" or "vocal eliminator" software (as it is referred to). Email me your thoughts and suggestions (link below):


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