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How do you manage your digital pictures?

A few weeks ago, Adriel Tan of E-Book Systems, Inc. sent me an email and asked if I would review a digital photo management program, called FlipAlbum 5 Suite.

I thought that this would be a great opportunity to explore something new, especially since the software which came with my digital camera does not allow me to share my photos easily with friends.

With this in mind, I downloaded and installed FlipAlbum 5 Suite on my machine. Here's what I found:

FlipAlbum 5 Suite: a quick list of Features

  • FlipAlbum is a unique software that organizes photos on your PC with realistic, 3D page-flipping albums.
  • FlipAlbum can quickly and easily import photos: simply point to a directory, and FlipAlbum will import your photos into a virtual album instantaneously.
  • You can also apply special themes, borders, and frames, plus sound and video to each album for added effect! Each theme includes: front and back album covers, page and book backgrounds, and decorative separators.
  • FlipAlbum can print photos on paper, or using special Avery labels, including: ink-jet labels, glossy photo quality labels, greeting cards, and even T-shirt transfer sheets!
  • FlipAlbum can export albums onto CD, the web, or even DVD (the DVD player must support the Video CD and CD-R/RW formats).
  • FlipAlbum's help file is very informative and explains every aspect of the program in detail.

My experience with FlipAlbum

Creating a digital photo album was very simple.

I clicked on the "New" icon at the top of the page and started a new project. When a blank album appeared, I clicked on the "Folder" icon, and an Explorer window prompted me for a picture directory.

After choosing a picture folder, FlipAlbum instantly generated an album -- complete with thumbnails (mini pictures), a table of contents (with page numbers and hot links), plus an Index of all my pictures in alphabetical order. Accessing the "Options" menu allowed me to personalize my album by adding a theme, music or audio clips!

To share the album, I could export it via the web, computer CD, or even make a photo CD and view it using a DVD player.

FlipAlbum 5 Suite: System Requirements

FlipAlbum works on all versions of Windows (including XP). Minimum hardware requirements include: a 300 MHz CPU or better, 64 MB RAM, 80 MB hard disk space, 800 x 600 screen resolution, and 16 bit video color.

To write to CDs: a CD-R/W drive and CD writer software are required. To create Video CDs for DVD Playback, your CD writing program must support the Video CD format (for example: Easy CD Creator, Nero, etc).

FlipAlbum 5 Suite: Download now

Download Flip Album today -- and save $10 off the retail price! This discount is only offered to Infopackets Readers!

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