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Bryan M. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I came across a very humorous video file about the experiences of using a Macintosh computer. The video is a spoof on those Macintosh commercials which were aired on TV a little while back. A typical scenario features big corporate executives who are frustrated by using a Windows PC at their workplace. In the end of it all, the execs in the commercial say that they prefer to use Mac's because they're simpler to use. Anyway, it's something to that effect. I thought you might enjoy this video and pass it on to your readers. "

My Response:

I viewed the video and found it very well done. I'm not endorsing Mac bashing or anything, but this is pretty funny -- and it deals (somewhat) with today's feature article.

But before I can give you the link, let me tell you about my experience. When I downloaded and attempted to watch the video, Media Player 8 wouldn't run the file. I eventually figured out that I needed to either upgrade to another version of Media Player, or install the new Media Player version 9 codecs.

Side note: A codec is a plug-in which allows media players to play video or sound files of a certain type. For example, DivX is a popular video codec used to create movie files that can be played on the computer.

The codecs would allow me to run the using_a_mac.wmv video file without upgrading. Since I still use Media Player 6.4 for the majority of my video watching experience, I opted to download and install the codecs. You may want to as well, since every upgrade to Media Player demands more processing power and resource to operate. In the end, videos will probably run slower on your computer (IE: choppy).

Below is the link to the Media Player 9 codec: you'll need it to run the video.

Please note that there is one spot where there is strong language used in the video, but it's not too bad. If you want to save this file to your hard drive (rather than having it open automatically with Media Player), Right Click the link below and choose Save Target As.

Enjoy the video, and let me know how you like it!

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