Window Washer Plug-ins?

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Scorpian548 writes:

" I read your review on Window Washer (Gazette, 20030715). Can it also clean Real One Player & Quick Time Player? "

My response:

Some of you may have missed the review on Window Washer in the Gazette on July 15th. To recap:

" With web browsers and other applications constantly recording personal tidbits of information -- such as documents and pictures you've viewed, plus web sites recently visited -- maintaining privacy while using your PC can be a daunting task. Webroot's award-winning Window Washer is a comprehensive, simple-to-use utility which protects user privacy and maintains system performance by cleaning PC and Internet history. "

The full review is available here:

Webroot's Window Washer Review

Getting back to Scorpian548's question: I remember mentioning that Window Washer can clean systems by "removing hundreds of unwanted tracking and temporary files and improves system performance ... plus Window Washer includes over 150 free downloadable plug-ins which can clean the tracks of popular programs." The funny thing is that I forgot to include the link to the Webroot web site which lists all of Window Washer's plug-ins.

After a few clicks, I managed to find the link here:

PS: Real One Player is supported under Window Washer, but I didn't see anything pertaining to Quick Time Player. In fact, I don't think Quick Time has any Spyware components -- but has been known to cause problems (according to a response in a Dell message board).

Window Washer: Important News

While visiting the Window Washer home page, I was surprised to see a message online the Webroot site which states that the price of Window Washer will be increasing an additional $10 dollars in some time "mid-September" (to $39.95). That statement can be found online here:

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