CNET Says Vista a 'Terrible Tech Product'

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A report entitled 'Top ten terrible tech products' released by CNET recently ranked Windows Vista number 10.  As if Vista needed any more bad publicity, the report cited numerous reasons for the dubious distinction.

Some of the reasons given for Windows Vista making the list include:

  • Provoking a campaign for its predecessor's reintroduction (i.e. quietly introducing a downgrade-to-previous-edition option for PC makers due to increasing customer demands) deserves to be classified as terrible technology.
  • An operating system that took six years at an ungodly cost to develop that is instantly hated by hordes of PC professionals and enthusiasts deserves to be classified as terrible technology.
  • Incompatibility with hardware, obsessive requirements for human interaction to clear security dialogue box warnings, and its abusive use of hated DRM (as well as the general pointlessness of upgrading) also led CNET to classify Vista as an over-rated, over-priced operating system that deserves its spot on a top ten terrible tech products list.

One could easily add more reasons for Vista's honor, some of which might actually move it up from the tenth place. Suffice it to say the more complaints and bad publicity Windows Vista receives, the more it appears that Windows XP will be around for a much longer.

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