Why You Should 'Upgrade' From Vista To XP

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CNET has an interesting article article praising the release of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), encouraging Windows Vista users to upgrade to Windows XP.

In comparing Windows Vista to utter "crap," the report details what a substantial and extremely helpful upgrade Windows XP SP3 is -- going so far as to exclaim that it creates the best windows experience the author has ever had.

Windows Vista still receives, for the most part, a lukewarm reception from consumers, even less from businesses. Windows Vista SP1 will be released early this year in hopes of gaining a greater customer base, but the damage for the most part has been done.

Several reasons for the dwindling acceptance of Vista are listed in the article, which includes the six month extension of Windows XP sales due to customer concerns, the usual performance and compatibility issues, and the fact that Microsoft keeps releasing more details of the upcoming Windows 7.

Windows XP is still used by millions of people around the world with no desire to buy a computer capable of running Windows Vista. Some claim the same was true when XP was released to the public, but Vista has been available to consumers for almost a year now and consumers are still getting upset about the way things are going.

The Real Upgrade to Vista is Windows XP SP3

The author describes Windows XP SP3 as Windows Vista without "the crap." XP SP3 features about 1,073 fixes and adds some features from Vista that make the experience far better. XP SP3 increases computer speed and doesn't offer the commonplace Vista annoyances: device incompatibility, pop-ups asking for permission, and poor performance.

XP SP3 also adds support for cryptography that allows developers access to improve the security of their drivers with the help of cryptographic algorithms. There are also fixes for Windows' "black hole router detection system," allowing it to reconfigure the Transmission Control Protocol to keep connections alive without losing any performance.

Windows XP with SP3 will be more secure and support any and all devices you're currently using. While Vista does have its virtues, it's still not ready for prime time and should have never been released, with too many versions that do nothing but confuse people. That's just my opinion, anyway. ;-)

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