Use RoboForm with Mozilla or Netscape?

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Infopackets Reader Peg M. asks:

" Dear Dennis,

Yesterday, I read your article on RoboForm. I use the Mozilla Firebird browser and was wondering: how can I install RoboForm installed on Firebird instead of Internet Explorer (which is used by default)? "

My Response:

For those of you who are just tuning in: RoboForm is a free web Browser 'plug-in' replacement for Internet Explorer's AutoComplete form feature. Some features of the free version include: Save / auto fill password info from login form, Automatic login to online accounts, Fill long online forms from Identities, and more. For a full list of details, read this article on RoboForm:

RoboForm 5.2.0 release

I did some digging through the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the RoboForm web site and found that RoboForm will work with Mozilla 1.4+ and Netscape 7+. Because Mozilla Firebird is a derivation of Mozilla, it may not work -- but you can try.

Here's part of the FAQ from the RoboForm web site:

" Question: The AutoFill (AutoSave) dialog does not come up when I expect it to. Why? Answer: Either you are using a browser in which RoboForm does not work (RoboForm won't work with Netscape 4, Opera, and Compuserve 7), or you are using Netscape 7 or Mozilla and you did not install RoboForm Adapter for these browsers.

How To Install RoboForm with Netscape 7+ or Mozilla 1+

  1. Download and install AI RoboForm from AiRoboForm.exe:
  2. Close *all* Mozilla and Netscape browser windows.
  3. Netscape 7 installs Quick Launch icon on Windows TaskBar. Close this icon too.
  4. Download and install the RoboForm Adapter for Netscape7 / Mozilla from AiRoboForm-Netscape-Adapter.exe: "

Once again, if you haven't heard of or used RoboForm, you can read the review using the link below. I personally use RoboForm all the time (and it's free for non-commercial use -- up to 30 passcards).

RoboForm 5.2.0 release

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