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If you think you might be getting a new computer during the upcoming holiday season, make sure you bookmark this review!

The one dreadful thing about upgrading to a new computer is the process of having to transfer all your applications, data, and files from the old computer to the new one.

Fortunately, there is a program called "Move Me" which can make upgrading to a new computer completely hassle-free.

What is Move Me?

Move Me is an application to simplify the process of configuring the settings from your old computer on a new computer. Move Me transfers all Windows preferences to the new computer, in addition to moving any installed user applications.

Move Me vs. Windows XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

Windows XP makes an effort to simplify the process of moving to a new computer. The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard moves Internet Explorer settings, Outlook Express data, the Desktop, display settings, and Internet connection information.

In comparison, Move Me transfers all those settings plus it moves all installed application -- which means your time isn't wasted reinstalling all your programs on the new machine!

Move Me: Using it on My Machine

Installation of Move Me on both the old computer and new computer is required for the transfer process to work.

Once the transfer method has been decided, Move Me is a breeze at the transfer process. Move Me has helpful wizards which assist in choosing the data and applications to keep, while settings and applications are mapped from the old computer to the new.

Move Me: Hardware Requirements

If the old computer has a CD burner, Move Me requires no additional hardware. If no CD burner is present in the older computer, a connection must be made from one computer to other in order to transfer files between the two.

The quickest way to transfer files from the old computer to the new computer (via external connection) involves connecting both machines to a network hub. To do this, connect the network card in each of the computers to the hub using appropriate network cabling.

For novice users, the easiest (and cheapest) way to transfer data between two computers is probably a Parallel Port Direct Connection Cable. If the old computer doesn't have a network card, the direct connect cable is a viable alternative to buying a network card for the computer you are retiring.

The Parallel Port (also known as the "printer port") is available on virtually all computers, and the cables are available at most computer stores.


If your old computer was around for several years, you probably installed many applications on it. Finding the CDs and install files for the applications can take a long time to dig up, plus it takes even more time to install those applications on the new computer.

The fact is, upgrading to a new computer takes time, no matter how you look at it. Thankfully, Move Me assists this process by effortlessly migrating applications and user data to the new computer, while demanding little user intervention.

Overall, Move Me is an excellent time saver and an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to upgrade a PC. And, at $39.95, Move Me is a steal. Imagine how much would you pay for a local computer store to do the same!

Download Move Me

Move Me is trialware.

Click here to download Move Me.

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