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I've got some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news: I've just received word that my favorite privacy protection / cleaning utility (Window Washer) will be increasing in price starting January 5th, 2004. The official word from David Dunn @ Webroot is:

" ... We have raised the price of Window Washer to $39.95. This updated pricing actually rolled out on with the release of Window Washer v.5.0 ... The added functionality of this new release [has been] combined with the addition of a free copy of My Personal Favorites [an innovative tool for securing and organizing your favorite sites list, user names and passwords; a $29.95 value]. Please update any Window Washer price references on your site as soon as possible, as we will change all current affiliate landing pages on 1/5/04. "

The good news is that you can still get Window Washer through the infopackets web site for $19.95 until January 5th, 2004. After that, Webroot Software (the makers of Window Washer and Spy Sweeper) will be removing the special $19.95 landing page from their web site and replacing it with the new $39.95 landing page.

Reminder: What is Window Washer?

In short, Window Washer removes all the gunk left over from your installed programs which makes your computer runs faster -- plus it clears away all the traceable objects on your PC so that you can maintain a consistent level of privacy.

Like many users, Infopackets Reader Ric J. exemplified his need for a utility like Window Washer when he proposed the following question in a recent edition of the Gazette:

" If I [load Internet Explorer and then] go into Tools -> Internet Options and clean out the History, Temp Files, and the Web Cookies, will that take care of things I might not want [others to] trace or pull up [on my computer]? "

My response was:

" Unfortunately, clearing out your Internet History, Temp Files, and Cookies aren't enough to 'clear your tracks', per se. Virtually anyone can hop on your PC and trace where you have been by accessing your Most Recently Used Files history (MRU), such as: Media Player history, Document history (MS Word, etc), email trash, drop-down menus, auto complete forms in Internet Explorer, and a heck of a lot more. Case and point: Click Start -> Documents ... What do you see? "

Window Washer: get it while you can!

If Window Washer sounds like something you could use (who wouldn't?) -- don't hesitate to download a copy of Window Washer today. It truly is a wonderful program. And at $19.95, you'd be crazy not to jump on this immediately!

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