Activate Windows XP on more than one PC?, Part 3

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Another hot topic in the Gazette is our discussion regarding Windows XP, and whether or not it can be installed on more than 1 PC using the same activation key.

Infopackets Reader Steve S. writes:

" In response to your recent discussion concerning re-activating WinXP after substantial hardware changes, I just wish to add that the process is done pretty simply in terms of 'setting things right' with Microsoft.

When Microsoft detects that your computer's hardware components have substantially changed -- (as in my case: I had simultaneously added more RAM [memory] and installed a faster chip on my DELL desktop) -- their OS user license enforcement staff automatically sends you a little e-mail asking for confirmation that you are the same registered user using the same computer for which the WinXP serial number was originally activated.

The question was followed by a statement that you need to re-activate WinXP within 'x' number of days (although, I can't remember the exact number). Again, in my case, I just provided them with a straight 'Yes' answer and my OS was re-activated. Simple as that. End of story. "

And, Infopackets Reader Tom G. sent a very informative link which explains how the whole "Windows Protection Algorithm" (WPA) works -- in simple English:

" Hey Dennis, look forward to each and every issue! Although this topic might be getting a bit old, I'd like to add my 2 pesos. Below you will find a link which explains step by step how the WPA works: It explains exactly what is scanned to determine your unique computer 'DNA' and how the scan counts 'vote' determines if major changes to your PC have been made. "

Thanks again to all who wrote in!

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