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Have you ever wondered how to convert VHS or camcorder video to DVD using your home PC? Die Hard Infopackets Reader Ric J. writes:

" I was wondering if you could tell me a good CD / DVD burner program to use? Right now I'm using Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 and am having a lot of problems with it ... The problem I'm having is that every time I try to burn a DVD from the Video Camcorder, [Roxio] keeps telling me that my project is too big and won't fit on the disc.

I have contacted Roxio in the past and they have acknowledged that there is a bug in the software. That was 8 months ago and I'm tired of [waiting for a patch to the program so that I can burn my movies to DVD properly]. Any help you can offer would be great!"

My response:

It's funny you should ask that question now because Jake Ludington has just completed the finishing touches on his new eBook called "Converting VHS to DVD". In it, he discusses how to produce professional looking videos using two popular DVD authoring programs (MyDVD and DVD X Maker). Unfortunately, I had to postpone last week's announcement because the web site was down.

Jake Ludington: a Digital Media Authority

As I mentioned before, Jake is 'the authority' when it comes to this kind of stuff.

On top of freelancing articles for the Infopackets Gazette, Jake also writes his own newsletter geared toward the world of digital media, called Jake Ludington's Digital Lifestyle.

Why Jake's eBook was developed: not all PCs are equal

The process of converting VHS to DVD can be overwhelming for most users because there is much ground to cover (and not everyone's PC hardware is the same). Jake's new eBook cuts through all the techno jargon and explains the best solution for converting and creating DVDs -- tailored to your computer's capability.

Topics covered include:

  • Hardware Requirements: The first few chapters covered discuss the computer, its processing power, memory requirements, and hard drives with respect to the conversion process and DVD authoring.
  • Understanding Video Capture Hardware: Jake's guide explains all you need to know about analog capture cards, USB, Firewire, and PCI.
  • DVD Conversion: Convert your outdated and ailing VHS tapes to robust DVD discs in just a few simple steps; plus, learn how to use your digital video camera and Firewire to record VHS tapes to Digital Video tape.
  • Create professional looking videos with little effort: Jake's eBook also explains how to edit your digital videos using specialized Digital Video Mastering Software DVD X Maker or Sonic's MyDVD).

Download Converting VHS to DVD

Jake's eBook is downloadable and costs only $17.00. Fifty percent of the proceeds from Jake's guide will go directly to funding the infopackets web site.

You can purchase the "Converting VHS to DVD" guide using the link below:

On a related note, Jake also has an eBook which explains how to convert records and audio cassettes to CD. Details here:

Converting Records and Cassettes to CD

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