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Ashampoo delivers once again with WinOptimizer version 5: the latest and greatest PC power-washing suite designed to target key performance issues in MS Windows and keep your PC humming in tip-top shape!

Now, before you click away thinking that this is *just another* optimization program review -- think again -- because I'm going to explain HOW and WHY WinOptimizer can truly work wonders for your PC!

First: How does PC Performance Degrade Over Time?

The most common complaint amongst PC owners is that their system doesn't run as fast as it did when it was new. Why is this so? The simple answer is that like a car, a computer goes through daily wear and tear that requires corrective, ongoing maintenance to keep it running at optimal performance.

Simply put: every saved file, every installed program, and every surfed web page creates a mound full of electronic 'sludge' inside your PC that -- if left untouched -- can pile up and really have an impact on the performance and efficiency of your computer.

WinOptimizer 5: Breaking it Down

So how does WinOptimizer 5 fix these problems -- and why is it so much better than in previous editions?

Well, first of all the Registry Optimizer component has been vastly improved. And this is probably the feature which will make the biggest difference to how smoothly your computer works.

The Windows Registry is the heart of Windows; it contains all your preferences and settings. That being said, every time you install and uninstall a program, all associated files and settings are supposed to be removed from the registry.

The problem is that many poorly designed programs don't remove all of their components when uninstalled, which then causes the Registry to bloat with irrelevant and outdated, and incorrect information. What happens next is that your entire computer starts to run slower and slower until it is churning at a snail's pace.

In previous editions of WinOptimizer, the registry cleaning component was known as the Registry Cleaner because it searched for duff links in the registry and simply removed them.

In WinOptimizer 5, however, this feature has been renamed to Registry Optimizer because it now actively checks each faulty link and, where possible, updates it to point to the proper location rather than just delete it.

That means your computer runs more smoothly overall and your programs are more likely to run without cryptic error messages.

WinOptimizer 5: New Features


The Recycle Bin in Windows is great, but if you accidentally delete a file by mistake, it's gone for good. With WinOptimizer 5, the undeleter can bring back many previously irretrievable files.

Vista Gadget

If you're a Vista user, you'll probably know the Sidebar on your desktop has a space for Gadgets: simple applications which run a single task. Many of them are gimmicks, but some are genuinely useful -- and WinOptimizer 5 lets you install one that's a real must-have.

Aptly named, the "WinOptimizer 5 Vista Gadget" lets you run all of WinOptimizer's main cleaning functions quickly and easily -- and you even get a graphical representation of what it's doing!

Real-time Settings Backup and Recover

Many tools for tweaking Windows have a major flaw: they don't back-up your original settings adequately. WinOptimizer 5 keeps track of all the changes you make to your system in real time so that you can undo anything and everything ... just incase!

Improved and Enhanced Features of WinOptimizer

Drive Cleaner

Drive Cleaner removes temporary and duplicate files from your hard drive, reclaiming lost space. This doesn't just give you more space to use, but it makes it much easier to defragment your drive.

Think of it this way: defragmenting your drive is a lot like tidying a room so it's easier to find things. And if you let things get so out of control that your entire floor is covered with stuff, it's much harder to clean it up!

WinOptimizer 5 gives much more detail than previous editions about the files it finds, meaning you can be sure whether or not you want to delete them.


Normally when you delete a file, the data remains on the hard drive until the physical location of the file is overwritten by another file. WinOptimizer's FileWiper lets you completely delete any file by overwriting the space it once occupied with bogus information so that its previous contents are unrecoverable.

In WinOptimizer 5, this function is added to the Windows Explorer context menu, meaning you can permanently delete any file simply by right-clicking on it and choosing the relevant option.

Edit AutoStart Entries

It's amazing how many programs you install on your computer are set to run automatically every time you start your PC, whether or not you actually want to use them. This not only eats away at your precious system memory but can also add -- literally -- MINUTES to your boot time.

WinOptimizer let's you choose which programs you want launching automatically so that your computer starts up quickly and smoothly while still having your choice of programs ready to start immediately.

In WinOptimizer 5, you now get the option to disable any Internet Explorer plug-ins which you don't need running every time you start your PC!

One Click Optimization

While WinOptimizer 5 has countless features to explore and use, you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out each feature. With One Click Optimization, you can choose which features you want to use regularly and then schedule them to run every month, every week, or simply each time you press the One Click Optimization button. And once you've chosen those features, your work is done!

WinOptimizer 5 also lets you make literally hundreds of tweaks to your Windows set-up. We're not just talking about the way Windows looks and feels: you can alter settings for security, multimedia and online activity.

And thanks to the real-time settings back-up, you can rest assured that every change is reversible!

WinOptimizer 5: Conclusion

Here are some of the comments WinOptimizer 5 users have already made:

  • " This is my third version of Win Optimizer. v.3 was good, v.4 was very good, but v5 is great! I can't imagine how you can improve it more. It's effortless, thorough and fast! "
  • " I have used version 4 for about six months. I thought it could not get any better, but [this version was] very easy to use straight out of the box. "
  • " Pros: It does everything it is required to do quickly and cleanly. Cons: I wish I could have known about it sooner!!! "

And we agree with them: WinOptimizer 5 takes the established market leading software, improves the existing features, and adds genuinely useful new tools.

This isn't a piece of software that's only of use if you are a tech-head, have a particular set of specs on your computer, or only use it for specific tasks.

Put simply, if you use Windows, you can use WinOptimizer 5 ...

... scratch that! If you use Windows, you NEED WinOptimizer 5!

WinOptimizer 5: Compatibility

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5 is completely compatible with ALL versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows Vista in both the 32 and 64 bit versions. Don't let your computer sit idly by and collect sludge when you can wash it clean with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5!

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So what are you waiting for?

I already told you just some of the awesome features available with the package -- now it's your turn to discover the magic of having a cleaner, faster computer!

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