Play CD-RWs on CD player?

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Infopackets Reader Josh T. writes:

" I was wondering if your could help me. I just burned some MP3s using Windows Media Player [WMP] onto a CD-RW disc. The CD seems to play in my computer's CD drive using WMP, but when I try playing the CD in my stereo's CD player or on my portable CD: neither will detect the disc. Is there any advices or tips you can give me to solve this problem? "

My response:

The reason why your .MP3 CD won't play in your stereo or portable CD player is simply because neither of these devices can read your CD-RW [re-writable] disc. The disc you burned can only be read by a device which is capable of reading CD-RW discs (such as a computer or newer generation CD players).

If you want to play your music compilations in your stereo or portable CD player, you'll need to burn your music compilation onto a CD-R (recordable) disc. Unlike CD-RW, the CD-R media has been around for a little over 10 years and is supported by almost all CD players.

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